Number Forty-Three: I’m Aliiiiiiiiiiiive…

Number Forty-Three: I’m Aliiiiiiiiiiiive…

…although, at this point, I’m probably less functional than Frankenstein’s monster.

[“And I thought *I* looked like hell. You need some sleep, Andy.”]

How’s everyone doing? Well, I hope. Me? I’m tired. This summer has kicked my scrawny arse, and done so with absolutely no remorse. Work is still work, steady yet enjoyable (I’m one of those lucky weirdos who thoroughly *loves* his job). But, with the children on summer vacation, there is little to no free time anymore. Kids are in tee-ball, baseball, and softball with mid-week practices and games as well as all-day weekend tournaments. They go to parks and movies and friends’ houses. They eat like they’ve never tasted food before, which takes more prep than usual. And blah-bitty-blah-blah. Every parent of school-age children is in the trenches right now, so you don’t need every bloody detail to know what my wife and I are going through; you already get it. The key to the summer months is survival, and like Clark Griswold, Sr. once said…

[Thank bleepin’ God for alcohol.]

Anywho, I just wanted to check in and let you know that, despite some folks’ desire, I haven’t run out of topics to talk about. Much to the contrary, in fact. I have pages of topics I want to get to. In the immediate future, installments will include a book review of the final novel in Stephen King’s Bill Hodges Trilogy, entitled End of Watch; an essay on happenstance and how much it affects our lives both positively and negatively; and an ode to my lovely wife, who officially goes Over the Hill during the first week of July when she turns 40. At least, that’s the plan for now. You never know when the President will say something asinine or something completely inane will get stuck in my craw and require immediate extraction.

[Such a douche.]

This will likely be my last blog post until next week. This weekend the family is heading to a cabin in northern MN to get away from the hubbub and (maybe?) get some much-needed R&R. If you need a quick shot in the arm before the next post goes online, head over to the Much Ado About Nothing Facebook page. Whether it’s music recommendations, funny comic strips, or absurd shit my four-year-old says, there’s always something going on over there. Links to the site can be found on every page of this blog.

Have a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend, folks!

Until we meet again…



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